Zetech, HeSMA ink deal to develop health system managers’ knowledge and skills

Monday, November 1st, 2021 00:00 |

Zetech University has signed a pact with Health Systems Management Association (HeSMA) that will see the two organizations work together in the development of health system managers’ knowledge and skills as well as support healthcare organizations in areas of leadership, management and governance.
The two are expected to work together to provide tailor-made courses and programs aimed at capacity development of HeSMA’s registered healthcare workers on management and leadership. 
Their collaboration also entails content development and delivery of healthcare management short and long courses between the parties from time to time.
Further, the MOU will see the two organizations develop needs-based and professional short courses in support of healthcare managers, deliver innovative professional short courses to health care managers, invigorate Health systems management at Zetech and together push for recognition of Health Systems Managers at all levels using the alumni network who are members of HeSMA.
“We will also embark on participating in the Inter-University forum in Kenya (Universities training healthcare leaders), develop an executive Post-Graduate Diploma together with Department of Health Systems Management and facilitate and collaborate in dissemination of applied knowledge in health system management,” the MOU read in parts.
Further, the two institutions will pursue benchmarking of training and advise in review of curricula forhealth system management, leadership and governance, participate in in grant writing and peer-review process in preparation of content for scholarly publications and journals that are approved by both parties and organize, public lecturers, Workshops and Symposia in health systems management.
Speaking after signing the pact, Zetech Vice-Chancellor Professor Njenga Munene emphasized on the need to have healthcare providers who are empowered all round, while referencing to a recent scenario where only 10 out of 300 Kenyan health workers who applied for the jobs with the UK's National Health Service passed the exams.
“Institutions of higher learning have the responsibility to ensure that the professionals we channel into the job market can have both the hands-on and social skills. Healthcare is fundamental for any nation, and it should not only be of quality, but also accessible and affordable. Poor management of health services is detrimental to a nation’s development,” he said.
On his part, HeSMA CEO Fredrick Kimemia said that he has been eyeing Zetech University due to the ease with which the institution embraces technology and innovation.
Kimemia noted that the level of management responsibilities put on health workers requires that they have adequate training and experience in management.
“Through this partnership, we shallestablish and develop a body of knowledge, skills and competencies that empower health practitioners with the skills of leadership, Management and Governance in the health Sector. Our aim is to professionalize and regulate the training and practice of health systems management in partnership with health ministries and regional professional organizations,” he added.

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