Youth urged to take advantage of technology

Sunday, January 12th, 2020 04:19 |

With the betting industry having hit some tough luck, someone has come up with an innovative way of handling the issue. 

Kenya’s  internet penetration rate stands at 90 per cent with  Kenyan users spending close to three hours a day on social media, with the most used platforms identified as Whatsapp (74 percent), Facebook (70 percent ) and Twitter (50 percent ), based on users own claimed activity. 

The issue of unemployment is no longer news, because we have 10 percent of our population with educated manpower forming a huge chunk of it. 

“That’s why we 51 Capitals Forex have come up with innovative ways of tackling the issue. With just a spin, you get to win massive life changing prizes. I am not talking about small tokens to go home with and put in shelves, no. Prizes that will give your life an instant financial flip from training to access to capital and network," says 51 Capital forex CEO Joe Kariuki. 

The Forex company is working on training thousands of youth across East Africa on Forex trading, by offering online courses. 

“As our mantra says, ‘we pay you to trade’, and now, by just a click on your screen, you can benefit with a full-term course on Forex Trading, get amazing cash prizes among others , and get an invite to our Summit.

We have uploaded our details on our website and all one needs to do is to register.” Says the company’s director Peter Gicheru.

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