Youth urged to be innovative, venture into currency business

Friday, December 6th, 2019 00:00 |

Young people have been urged to be more innovative and venture into cryptocurrency business as it holds the future.

In a surprisingly public appearance since his release from a TZ Prison, controversial businessman Don Bosco Gichana has challenged young people to work on their financial freedom, stating that forex exchange business and cryptocurrency provide the best platform for them.

“The person who invented US 100 Dollars in 2009 on cryptocurrency is now a millionaire. With our young people being so tech-savvy, we only need to provide them with the right environment. I’m happy that 51 Capital is leading the way,”he spoke during the launch of the company.

51 capital has launched a global online operation with game changing proprietary trading fund for forex traders, This comes after 51 capital recently won 2nd runner up best trader in Africa.

Joe kariuki the company CEO of the fund explains that the team have created the most flexible trading fund for forex traders.

“At 51 capital we are registered to trade at IC markets which is a brokerage firm headquartered in Sydney,Australia. The new fund opportunity will focus on recruiting forex traders from all over East Africa and will be offering them an unmatched trading career programme in an internet remote office work frame.” He said during the launch.

“We are going to allow almost any trading style and is one of the only funds that allows holding positions overnight and over the weekend” he added.

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