Youth Against BBI urges young people not to support BBI

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 00:56 |

A consortium, calling itself Youth Against Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), has today urged Kenyans not to support the initiative.

The consortium which is made up of various organizations in the country led by Michael Rapudo and Evans Mutuma asked Kenyans not to be afraid of practicing their democratic and constitutional right by saying no to the BBI.

The chair of the consortium Mike Rapudo said: "We will not be intimidated into accepting the BBI. We have a right to say yes or no.It is our democratic and constitutional right."

According to the consortium the BBI document is meant to favour the rich and oppress the poor and that is not constitutional and democratic at all.

The consortium's vice chair Evans Mutuma said: "Kenyans don't be afraid to use your voice. Do not be afraid of saying no. It is your birthright to have the freedom of choice so don't be afraid of choosing no. The BBI should be a document that favours all in the society not a chosen few(the rich)"

Many politicians and youth leaders have been pressured into accepting the BBI and running with it that is why majority of the people are impressed with this group of youth who have chosen to say no.

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