Young teachers in Trans Nzoia lament over increasing teenage pregnancies

Saturday, August 22nd, 2020 16:52 |
Trans Nzoia young Teachers Association chairman Sammy Kimutai addressing the media at the Esther Teenage Mothers centre in kitale. The tutors expressed shock at the alarming rate of teenage pregnancies and asked the government to step in

David Musundi and Njange Maina

Trans Nzoia young Teachers Association has lamented over the increasing number of teenage pregnancies.

The tutors have put up mechanisms for enabling the teen mothers to escape the enduring  pressures which have so far disempowered the young generation.

Speaking at the Esther Teen Mothers Center in Naisambu, Trans Nzioa County after visiting the teen mothers, the tutors said both teen mothers, their educators, and parents have been challenged to gather information about the girls' schooling situations.

"The major aim for our gathering here is to find out how much support we can offer to these girls to facilitate their schooling, thus making it possible for them to complete their education and become self-reliant(sic),’’ said Juliana Miheso, also a young teacher.

Miheso said the young teachers have employed a qualitative research approach to gather information and to enable the teenagers to resume their studies.

"Many teen mothers failed to succeed with schooling because they lacked support to avoid the numerous disruptions to school attendance. We members of the young teachers are approaching the matter differently in looking for a sustainable solution,’’ said Sammy Kimutai, the young teachers' Chairman. 

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