Young racing ace Kiana Rajput makes Autocross history

Tuesday, November 30th, 2021 12:05 |

Nine-year-old Kiana Rajput emerged the champion in the Pee Wee category during the final round of the KCB National Autocross Championship which took place at the Jamhuri Park Racetrack on Sunday.

The win makes her the first female driver to ever lay her hands on a Pee Wee autocross championship in Kenya.

Speaking about the feat, young Kiana said: “I have been dedicated and practised really hard to improve my skill. I am lucky to have supportive parents and a brother who have seen me through this journey. Today’s race was challenging but very interesting.

I look forward to the next season as I will be moving into the next class – Bambino.”

The season, which started in January at The Waterfront Karen, has seen drivers from different age groups compete for championship title opportunities with cars, quads, and buggies. In the final round, 29 drivers competed and savoured the mud-splattering experience prior to the track drying up in the afternoon heat round.

Fifteen-year-old Brandon Ng’ang’a emerged the champion in the two-wheel drive, non-turbo junior bBuggy category, after he beat Neel Gohil on the home stretch.

“I came in very focused and optimistic today. The track was muddy and difficult for most people to navigate, but for a reason, I seemed to be moving faster and better in these conditions. I am excited about my championship title and I look forward to the next season. My ultimate dream is to become a rally driver,” commented Brandon.

Other champions include Gurraj Singh, who won the quad class title, double winner Lovejyot Singh who emerged the champion in two-wheel drive turbo, and four-wheel turbo, Kiana’s elder brother Yuvraj Rajput who was the winner of the Bambino class.

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