You’ll die trying to prove sexual prowess; 4-11 minutes enough, expert warns men

Monday, December 14th, 2020 14:15 |
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A lot has been said about just how long men should last in bed with many complaints from the fairer sex about their partners 'shortcomings.'

Of course, many men try to outdo themselves in bed during sexual intercourse with their female partners, with some opting to use performance enhancing drugs and remedies.

But how long should satisfying coitus last?


According to Asili Herbal Clinic doctor, Jackson Kimotho, men should not try to sustain an erection beyond four to 11 minutes as it could turn fatal.

Kimotho discourages men from going the 'extra-mile' to prove their sexual prowess to their female partners.

Kimotho who regularly appears on Kameme TV's Rikiratha Show and who also specializes on male sexual health says most men's sexual drive is steered by ego satisfaction.

A screen-grab of Asili Herbal Clinic doctor, Jackson Kimotho appearing on Kameme TV on Monday December 14.

"From a study done among 4000 men on men's sexual satisfaction, it was found that four to 11 minutes were enough," Kimotho says.

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On what determines how long a man lasts in bed, the herbalist says there are men with medical conditions that cannot allow them to have an erection, a group he advised to go for medical check-ups and seek treatment.

Kimotho also reveals that there is a group of men whose sexual drive is determined by how much money they spend to bed their sexual partners.

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"There is a man who counts how much money he spent on the woman, and from which he determines how long to last. If he is not satisfied, he awards himself an extension. For instance, there is a man who will find three minutes very short if for instance he paid Sh3000 for the room plus other expenses he spent on the woman, " he says.

The herbalist advises men to look for long-term solutions to sexual health problems instead of swallowing quick-fix tablets, commonly referred to as the blue pills.


He says most men have extremely low testosterone levels, a medical condition that predisposes them to low sexual powers.

"The sexual power of a man is determined by the testosterone level. The wider your waist line is, the less testosterone you have and consequently, the less sexual power," he says.

To better their performance in bed without using the sexual enhancement pills, Kimotho advises men to raise their testosterone hormones.

"Smoking, inhaling paints, working in steel manufacturing plants and riding motorcycles can lower the testosterone hormones in the body," he says.

Article re-edited on January 18

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