‘Wrong’ SMS triggers joy, celebrations among Jubilee politicians

Tuesday, February 9th, 2021 11:52 |

‘Wrong’ SMS triggers joy and celebrations

Several Jubilee politicians were left dazed after a message sent out by a confidant of one of the leading politicians in the country, suggested a completion of a deal for the next General Election.

The senior operative at one of the country’s offices rushed to withdraw the message that suggested one of the competing forces within the party, had agreed to support a leader; who has of late been cosy with the leadership.

The message was however communicated to an opposition party’s rank and file, who erupted in joy only to be told it was a spoof message. The operative was quoted saying his gadget had been hacked.

Comedian nightmare as residents say big no

A comedian in the country had a rough time with residents of a highend neighbourhood, after they protested against the establishment of a studio they are totally against.

The comedian, who has had his bad moments with various government authorities in the past, managed to bring along various artists from across the country to condemn certain individuals who are against the studio, which many look at through the lens of suspicion.

Fake degrees probe haunts senior banker

A senior banker at one of the top institutions in the country is having sleepless nights, after information leaked that he might be one of the biggest casualties of a probe on people holding fake degrees.

The man, who has over the years managed to keep under wraps the secret about his academic qualifications, reacted immediately a junior officer at the institution questioned the authenticity of the same, in an office WhatsApp group.

The clerk behind the leak is facing disciplinary charges in a panel he stands little chance to win.

Auctioneer’s axe fall on controversial city trader

A controversial businesswoman in the city had a weekend to forget after auctioneers swarmed her residence to effect a court order that condemned her to a life.

The toughies showed little respect to the woman after they marched across the palatial home’s rooms picking anything they could lay their hands on.

Things came to a head when the visibly intoxicated hirelings found items from the original list missing. Worse came when a group of men found at the resident tried to stop the operation.


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