Worshippers still divided on regulations for part opening

Monday, July 13th, 2020 00:00 |
Catholic faithful follow proceedings of a mass service at Holy Family Minor Basilica before the government banned church attendance to curb the spread of coronavirus. Photo/PD/SAMUEL KARIUKI

How did you meet?

Robbie: We met at a concert in CITAM church that I was performing at. I had noticed Wacu in the crowd and thought she was beautiful. I had no idea that after the concert was done this lady would come and say hello.

 What attracted you to each other?

For me, it kept changing. Of course at first, it was just her beauty, but I noticed she was also outgoing, confident, kind, compassionate and caring.

Wacu: He is a God-fearing man and full of wisdom. It came out from the many conversations we had and it was something so different.

How was the proposal?

Robbie: It was a special one. We drove down to the Coast with some friends who were in on my plan.

The only person who had no clue was Wacu. One morning while there, I got up early with the boys and went to the beach to set up.

We carefully arranged pictures of us from the time we started dating up to the time of the proposal, creating a path, at the end of which was myself with a ring, my boys behind me holding a banner that read ‘Will you marry me?’, and a Bluetooth speaker playing Can You Stand The Rain by New Edition.

We called one of the girls in the group to wake her up and bring her to the beach to watch the sunrise. She cried, and said ‘Yes’!

How long did it take you to plan the wedding and how did you do it?

We planned the wedding for about a year, having begun the process with a lot of prayer.

We created a Google spreadsheet with a list of everything we needed, the costs and the people to work with. We both have amazing families, who gave us a lot of input, and we have equally amazing friends, who were willing to help and do errands for us.

It’s important to have friends and family that would do anything for you, and we are blessed to have that. The things that we hadn’t thought of ourselves, they were able to spot and advise or handle.

How did you settle on the venue?

We are a prayerful couple and we also come from very prayerful families that believe in hearing God.

So, we really trusted God for a while about the venue, because we wanted somewhere everyone from both sides would be comfortable.

I desired to have the wedding somewhere in Karen and Wacu had had a dream that indicated the same.

Also, the bridal team had unique outfits. Tell us about your theme

I like African culture and you could see a touch of that in my outfit. The choice of colours was Wacu’s idea. She has a good eye for quality, and she is also a minimalist. We combined both of our preferences.

You had a short church ceremony. What informed your decision?

Yes, it was. We didn’t have a sermon nor praise and worship. We respect those that are of different views, but the reality is, a wedding is a celebration, not a church service.

Otherwise people would get tired, especially the bridal party, which is required to remain standing throughout the service.

We focused on the reason for the day, which was the vows, the blessing, signing the papers, and the declaration. For those that wanted a sermon, our pastor invited them to church.

How big was your crowd and what influenced the number?

We had about 600 guests. Our family, friends and relatives were at the back of our minds. We both have big families by virtue of having in-laws join the families via our siblings; we are last-borns.

We also have people who have been a part of our lives since we were born, and have directly or indirectly influenced our growth to this point.

 Why would you say your wedding was successful?

God was there.

 What was most memorable about your big day?

The ceremony. Being able to sing my own song to my bride, saying the powerful vows and meaning them in my heart, and the prayers! The prayers just sealed it for me.

 Wacu: My husband singing for me and the prayers. God’s presence was so tangible and it’s something we had been praying about.

 How about what stood out? 

Our bridal party was the best and they looked bomb!

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