World beater Kipruto shares his latest COVID-19 status

Friday, September 4th, 2020 08:00 |
Conseslus Kipruto reacts after winning a previous race. Photo/PD/FILE

World and Olympics 3,000 metres steeplechase champion Conseslus Kipruto who tested positive for coronavirus two weeks ago, is excited to have fully recovered from the disease and is urging members of the public to adhere to the laid down guidelines by the Ministry of Health in order to reduce the infections and flatten the curve.

Kipruto tested negative three days ago after being forced out of crucial foreign races for a fortnight.

However,  after his recovery, he is now back in private training anticipating more races in future.

The Olympic champion who is among the many  asymptomatic victims, says the negative talk and in some cases stigmatisation associated with the virus are some of  the areas that need to be addressed. 

He says he is glad his results have now returned negative in several occasions after treatment and self isolation and as a result he has been cleared to resume training and possibly compete.

Kipruto says the stigma associated with the disease is perhaps one of the hindrance in fighting the virus, since infected persons my end up avoiding treatment at hospitals in fear of being stigmatised when it is found out that they are positive with the virus and he is urging the public to have a different approach.

“Well there are common symptoms like cough, fever or tiredness, which may or may not develop to any noticeable extent. 

I know there are several patients like myself who may not have symptoms at all and would rather not under go tests or even reveal their status because of how they will be treated by their friends or the public at large. 

Besides following laid down protocols, I think what we need is a lot of education on ways to deal with the disease,” Kipruto told People Sport.

The world beater further says that while he had no obligation to share his results to the public, he feels it was the right thing to do and in the process keeping everyone safe.

“Assuming I continued living a normal life, how many people could I have put at risk?

Immediately I turned positive, I went and isolated myself. It was a bit scary for my close family members as well as training partners.

I thank God for helping me clear the hurdle,” he said.

As if the pandemic didn’t disrupt the athletics season enough, Kipruto had to give up some of his own personal target like challenging the world record.

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