Women Rep wants BBI to add constituency in Lamu

Thursday, January 21st, 2021 18:36 |

Lamu county Women Representative is pleading with the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) principals to consider adding a constituency in the county.

Speaking on Thursday, Captain Ruweida Mohammed argued that the only two constituencies in Lamu have a huge population yet it was over-looked in the latest BBI proposal.

Lamu Women rep Ruweida Mohamed.

"We do support and stand by the government on matters of the BBI which has played a big role in bringing the country together. However, as a region we feel it was right we got an additional constituency. All other counties in the coast have been added a constituency,” she said.

Mohammed added, “The BBI initiative will aim to uplift marginalized communities such as Lamu, where the majority of youths have yet to be exposed to opportunities that come with the national cake, such as jobs at the Lamu Port,”

Currently, Lamu County has two constituencies, Lamu East and Lamu West.

Mohammed said that the BBI process would facilitate a redistribution of the national cake adding that more resources would be disbursed across previously marginalized areas to ensure inclusivity.

She also said that issues of land ownership will also be solved the initiative.

Land ownership remains a key challenge for most Lamu residents 57 years after Independence.

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