Women Rep defends her remarks on ‘trees bringing cold’

Sunday, August 23rd, 2020 17:51 |
Murang’a Woman Rep Sabina Chege addresses journalists in the past. Photo/PD/FILE

Murang'a Women Representative Sabina Chege has defended her remarks to oppose tree planting on a 65-acre-land in Gituamba, Kigumo.

She said planting of eucalyptus trees by Kenya Tea Development Agency on the piece of land has had adverse effects in the area among them drying of a river and excess cold.

Ms. Chege also said the forest has become a perfect hideout for criminals who have been terrorising the residents for a long time.

On Thursday, she found a team from KTDA on the farm planning to plant trees that appeared to have irked her.

The MP posted on Facebook that KTDA should not plant trees on that land but instead utilise it differently.

The post was interpreted differently with some people accusing her of ignorance of environmental issues.

"I am standing my ground that KTDA should not be allowed to plant trees on this piece of land and they should look for alternative place" she said.

Chege said this being her home area, she has seen the damage caused by the trees vowing not to let the trend continue.

"This land should be reverted back to the community for them to utilize it differently," she said.

Further, she said the land had been initially set for agricultural training a tree nursery.

Section of the residents has also been pushing to have the forest done away with citing excessive cold weather.

The matter had also been taken before the Murang'a County Assembly where the Environment Committee ordered for an environmental impact assessment.

Francis Macharia a KTDA director however accused Chege of being insincere saying the trees planted are used in the factories for tea processing.

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