Woman swallows Sh900,000 to avoid giving half to former spouse

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021 07:11 |

In 2017, a 28-year-old woman ended up in the emergency room at University Hospital of Santander (HUS) in Bucaramanga, Colombia, after swallowing over an equivalent of Sh900,000 to make sure her ex didn’t get half of it.

Sandra Milena Almeida showed up at the hospital complaining of severe stomach pain. Doctors quickly realised that the 28-year-old had a gastric obstruction so she was rushed into the operating room for emergency surgery.

When they opened her up, doctors were shocked to find that Almeida’s stomach was full of rolled up $100 bills.

They managed to extract most of the money from the small intestine, with the rest making its way through the colon to be evacuated naturally.

Police officers questioned the woman about her motives as soon as she recovered from the surgery, and learned that she did it to avoid giving half of it to her exlover.

Sandra Milena Almeida and her partner had been saving money to move to Panama, but their relationship had hit rock bottom.

Her partner asked for his half of the savings and she chose to do everything possible to keep the whole sum.


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