Woman loses Sh307,020 monthly maintenance fee, slapped with legal costs

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020 12:29 |
Court Hammer

Sometimes, it’s better to be satisfied with the little you have!

This case that happened in Kenya in June last year illustrates this point better!

An estranged wife hoping to win Sh307,020 monthly maintenance fees from her husband left court crestfallen and regretting her greed.

The woman, who is well-educated and from fairly good background after losing the case, was also advised to find a job to support herself!

Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Agnes Ndunge Makau ruled that Ms Hebret Lakew de Oliveira, a Senegalese national, would get nothing from court.

She said the fashion designer and holder of a political science degree could secure employment abroad if she wanted to because she had extensive networks in the fashion industry.

And dismissing the case, Makau said Hebret was out to extort money from Mr Thiery de Oliveira, who works with the United Nations Environment Programme (Unep). She was, therefore, to pay the cost of the case!

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