Wiper candidate pledges to revitalise fishing industry

Monday, November 23rd, 2020 00:00 |
Wiper candidate Sheikh Mahmoud Abdulrahman. Photo/PD/File

Munira Mandano

The battle for the   Msambweni by-election seat intensified yesterday with  Wiper party candidate Sheikh Mahmoud Abdulrahman taking his campaigns to Mwabungo in Kinondo Ward.

Abdulrahman said Msambweni has a rich variety of resources that if harnessed well can grow its economy.

He said his priority would be to create economic  opportunities to empower  and prosper women and youth.

Mahmoud  has emphasised the need to revitalise the fishing industry by introducing modern fishing techniques through use of sophisticated equipment to enable fishermen go to deep-sea fishing, which he said has not been well exploited.

He has at the same time pledged to complete the sector by carrying out an in-depth analysis of fish market  to determine the prevailing market opportunities.

At the top of the Wiper aspirant’s agenda is to also woo investors by setting up value addition industries that will employ the youth.

Kwale County Wiper coordinator Ali Mwapishi accompanied  him in the campaign.  He urged the residents to vote in Mahmoud and witness real development.

Elsewhere, United Green Movement (UGM) party was in Kinondo to campaign for its candidate, Hamisi Mwakaonje. 

The party wooed people living with disabilities to vote Mwakaonje, saying he will bring legislation  to address their issues.  

 Mwakaonje said he is ready to serve the people of Msambweni with integrity and ensure Constituency Development Fund kitty will be is spent prudently.

 He  has at the same time  said he will bring together people with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds to develop mutual understanding and real connections in a bid to have conducive environment for business.

 UGM’s secretary general, Hamisa Zaja, appealed to People Living with Disabilities (PLWD) to elect a leader who will not turn their back on them after elections.

She castigated the proponents of BBI report, saying it does not have recommendations to solve issues of the persons living with disabilities.

 Zainab Chitsangi, Kwale UGM coordinator, urged PLWD to elect a visionary leader.

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