Why we didn’t present our nomination papers: Akaranga, Aduda

Friday, October 25th, 2019 06:34 |
Gor Mahia Chief Executive Officer Lodvick Aduda (left) and former Vihiga Governor Moses Akaranga (right). AFP

Gor Mahia Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lordvick Aduda and former Vihiga County governor Moses Akaranga have sighted a ‘flawed’ election process as their reason for staying away from the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) nominations that ended on Wednesday afternoon after having expressed interest in vying for the president’s position before.

According to Aduda, the process has already been skewed to favour the incumbent Nick Mwendwa and he saw no need to validate an already flawed process.

“The process is not free and fair and there is no need to participate in such a process. We have raised issues on the list of clubs submitted since some are ‘ghost’ clubs and that alone should spell malice to anyone who cares to follow due process in this issue,” said Aduda.

The former FKF Secretary General, rubbished sentiments that Mwendwa has been endorsed by all the 20 branches to run for his second term saying that the branches do not conform to the Sports Acts and the Kenyan constitution as currently constituted.

“The current FKF constitution, which came into effect in February 2018 recognizes 48 branches from the 47 counties, with Nairobi divided into two branches thus talk of 20 branches having endorsed a specific candidate are misplaced. We should be using the new constitution so why are we reverting to the old one so as to misuse a clause that requires an aspirant to have nomination letters from at least five branches? And why are sub-county clubs being discriminated?” Aduda added.

On his part, Akaranga wrote to the FKF Elections Board chairman Edwin Wamukoya raising anomalies that needed to be addressed before he could submit his nomination papers. Among the issues listed are concerns over nonexistent clubs, unsigned lists from the sub-branches and a need for the budget for the election process to be made open to allow public scrutiny.

“The lists of clubs already submitted to your office do not reflect the correct position on the ground. The Chairman and Secretary of sub-branches have not signed the submitted lists as required. This makes the whole process null and void,” read part of Akaranga’s letter.

He added: “The lists of the clubs officials submitted to you are not genuine. Many clubs which have been listed do not exist. For instance Bilombe S.C. under Busia sub branch is a nonexistent. Others are Matayos Commandos FC and New Spider.”

It further read “I am in the dark as I want to believe the Federation is now using part of the money given to them by the government for AFCON. This will be against the procurement Act. The branch elections are to be supervised by independent people and not by officers from FKF; otherwise this will be unethical and will ignore the law of natural justice.”

Wamukoya acknowledged receiving Akaranga’s letter, but said he didn’t expect him not to submit his nomination papers as the board looked into his concerns. Former federation boss Sam Nyamweya who had initially raised concerns about the process could not be reached for comment.

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