Why our governor cancelled a Moi Day event in my ward

Monday, October 14th, 2019 12:06 |
Late retired President Moi. Photo/Courtesy

By MCA Gwinso

His Popularity the Governor of our County never ceases to amaze. Just when I thought he had decided I was not fit even to tie his gubernatorial shoe laces, after the Punguza Mizigo incident, he called me last Wednesday.

“Bwana Gwinso, what plans do you have for tomorrow?” he asked.

“Tomorrow?” I asked, puzzled.

“Yes, remember tomorrow is Moi Day, a day dedicated to selfless acts of service to the community. Why don’t we do something in your ward?”

This caught me off-guard. I could not immediately think of any charitable activity we could do around at such a short notice. 

“Give me an hour, sir. I will get back to you,” I said.

I quickly consulted my new chief pacesetter, Mokonyonyo Spoiler.

Mdosi, let him donate stationery to all the candidates in our ward,” came the swift response. Mokonyonyo, or Moks as he prefers to be called, never disappoints. He thinks and acts fast, unlike his predecessor, Nzaya Nzayadio, who only spoke first and thought later. The idea sounded great and I gave Moks the go ahead to organise the function. His Popularity the Governor too was excited about the whole idea. 

“Gwinso, that is good thinking. I knew you would come up with a superb idea,” he said. “Now why don’t you organise for media coverage?”

That, to me, was a small matter. I would simply call the media honchos at the county headquarters and things would be sorted out. 

Before I went to bed that day, I called Moks to find out how far he had gone with the arrangements for the following day. He assured me that everything was on course. The candidates, their parents and teachers would assemble at one of the schools by 9 o’clock.

Early morning of the material day found me at the venue awaiting the arrival of the benefactor. The candidates, together with their parents and well-wishers were all set. Thanks to the organisational acumen of Spoiler, there was entertainment by different choirs. You would think they had been rehearsing for the event for ages. 

By 11 o’clock, the governor had not arrived. I got a bit concerned. I called his number and found he was mteja. I asked Moks what we would do if he failed to turn up.

“No sweat. We will not lack something to tell these kids,” my pacesetter answered with the confidence of a government spokesman. 

 However, when by noon the governor had not arrived, I became alarmed. The entertainment teams now seemed to have run out of steam, and I could see teachers and parents glancing at their watches. I made another attempt to reach the governor. Luckily, my call went through.

“We are waiting for you, sir.”

“Waiting for me? Where?” Talk of shocking questions.

“But your excellency, you were to preside over a function in my ward,” 

“Oh, that is Gwinso? I am made to understand the media people haven’t arrived yet.”

 It was true they had not arrived. I had not realised this all along, and I told him so.

“But Bwana Gwinso, we agreed that you would organise for media coverage of the event,” he said. I could detect a tinge of fury in his voice.

“Your excellency, I thought that was just a by the way since this is a day of selflessness,” I muttered.

“What do you mean by the way?” How can I, a whole governor, preside over such an event, uncovered? You must be joking!”

Thanks to my quick thinking that surprised even me, I told him that he would have to facilitate the media guys’ travelling since this was a holiday and they were not likely to be on duty.

Mheshimiwa, call them and if they insist on being facilitated, remind them today is a day of serving the community selflessly,” bellowed the governor before abruptly hanging up. I turned to Moks and told him what the governor had said.

“No sweat. Just announce that the governor has travelled to Vienna to cheer Kipchoge on behalf of our county.”

 It was with great reluctance that I made the announcement and promised that the event would now take place on Mashujaa Day, knowing very well ‘kwa ground, vitu ni different’. [email protected]

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