Why governors are now using ‘mulika mwizi’ phones

Thursday, August 27th, 2020 11:32 |

Governors use ‘mulika mwizi’ to avoid sleuths

Still on governors, it has now emerged that some of them on the radar of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission have resulted to using cheap phone popularly known as Mulika Mwizi to avoid being tracked by sleuths monitoring them.

Just recently one of the governors was overheard telling his close ally how he can now cut deals with the who-is-who without worrying about being caught by detectives, who have been keeping an eye on him without his knowledge.

Governor, deputy read from separate scripts

A Governor from Central Kenya is at loggerheads with his deputy, who is now contemplating resigning over claims of deliberate frustrations by the county chief.

The deputy governor was overheard complaining that her boss no longer involves her in the running of county affairs and has also been locking himself in his office with contractors allegedly to cut deals.

The deputy governor said it is just a matter of time before the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission pounces on the governor.

Broken promises drive up party’s frustrations

The restive Opposition party patience is wearing thin.

After months of agitation and promises from their leaders, voters are feeling let down by the lack of progress in some of the pledges they have been hearing for the last three years.

The implosion of Opposition parties has added to their frustrations.

Opposition backers have had very little to talk well of, including the promise to job, economic empowerment and others benefits for their ‘struggle’.

Party back on drawing board after ruling

An Opposition party that feels aggrieved by a decision of an oversight authority has been forced to move back to the drawing board.

The ruling meant that the party remains dormant and ineffective at the moment.

It also indicated that there has to be a consensus on the running of the party that has been dogged with wrangles.

The party has had more changes among its leadership than most teams have changed their home colours.


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