Where all the partying goes down in Mombasa

Friday, November 8th, 2019 06:57 |
Revellers enjoy moments at Club Zero 4
Revellers enjoy moments at Club Zero 4
Revellers enjoy moments at Club Zero 4

In Mombasa, ‘parte after parte’ used to happen at Casablanca, Casaurina and Tembo Disco, but that has since changed. The parties at these joints used to be massive, especially because of their sizes and locations. Not that they are completely out of business, in fact, there are nights when the spots are jam-packed. However, some of them are now considered just ‘girls pick up points’, per se.

“You want a place you can actually party with genuinely young and energetic people and not necessarily a brothel in Mombasa. You might need to do some little research. In the last 10 years, some of the places that used to be the hottest party hubs have desperately metamorphosed into brothels rather than clubs,” says a Mombasa-based journalist, who chose not to be mentioned.

But to be fair, we still have lit spots in the coastal city where all the partying happens.

Club Danka

If you really want a fire party then you will have to go all the way to Mtwapa. This is literally the best club in the city right now. It is located right opposite Club Lambada, a joint that used to be the it-place back in the days. So, Danka has not only robbed Lambada of its patrons, but generally for anyone who wants to really have a ball, this is the place. The club is not just top notch at night, but also has an unwinding zone where you can chill in case you had too much to drink. Also open 24/7 so you basically party your life away, in a good way. 

Club Zero 4

Club Zero 4 is the only other spot that is literally giving Danka a run for its money. It has an advantage though, because of its location. So, if you can’t make it to Mtwapa you can still turn up just fine at Zero 4 along Moi Avenue and opposite Post Bank in Mombasa’s Central Business District. “Danka is a great party place, but the drinks are expensive. Zero 4 is greater, especially when you compare the drinks prices. Also if you want to eat before you hit the party, Zero 4 has amazing food,” says clubber Kelvin Paul Omondi.


I once overheard someone saying they would rather go start a fight with Wakali Kwanza (the Mombasa youthful criminal gang) than go to a club that has no girls. I know, right? Well if you want to know where the girls in Nyali will be at, then better make your way to Anuba. The club is located in Nyali Centre. And well, you know exactly why all the fine girls will be coming here — because the party is where the money is. Many revellers here are loaded and make it rain, quite literally. It is considered the best dance club in Mombasa currently. 


Hypnotica is also located in Nyali, near Nyali Centre. Hypnotica and Anuba basically run Nyali’s nightlife. If you are a party after party (club hopper) kind of a person, you can enjoy the proximity to each other of of these two entertainment spots. But in the recent past, revellers have been having reservations partying here, complaining about customer service and the rates at which people lose their valuables, especially mobile phones. 


This is arguably the best club when it comes to beach partying. There is literally a beach party going down every day of the week. The club is located at the Nyali Beach area and it’s always packed with both local and foreign holidaymakers. The club hosts live bands and international deejays and it arguably serves the best seafood compared to any other joint around town. Also, it’s themed cultural night parties attract huge crowds, making it a favourite for many fun lovers.

Tapas Cielo

The ‘C’ in Cielo should probably be for cocktails! Here, they make the most amazing cocktails and the prices are lower and the ambience is cool. The blue and red deem lighting lends the club a really sophisticated feel. Also located at the Nyali Centre, it makes the whole centre a 24/7 party fort. You will pass through Nyali Centre during the day and the music would be blasting just like yesterday night, all though the year. 

Mint Lounge Bamburi

This is the ‘it’ place for the revellers in Bamburi. The place is normally full to capacity and the party extends to the space outside. Bamburi has its own nightlife, just like in Nyali, Mvita and Mtwapa. There are a couple of other fun places too, but Mint is the most famous, especially because of its interior décor, which gives it a super classy feel. “I am always at Mint on Sunday evenings because of the reggae night. They serve the best reggae vibes in Mombasa with DJ Kalonje on the decks. It can never get better than that,” says patron Kras Vincent. Mint Lounge is located at Petrocity Bamburi, right above the Chicken Inn fast food outlet. 

Pirates Beach Club

This party hub is located right at the beach of the Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach that is also referred to as Pirates, thanks to this popular spot. This club has been here for eons and still remains super dope. Here, everything from food to drinks is pocket friendly. It is a good and easy place to chill with friends or family and enjoy the Indian Ocean breeze and this has given it the reason to stand the test of time. 

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