When will the wait be over?

Monday, July 6th, 2020 00:00 |
Sports CS Amina Mohamed (left) when he toured the facility on Thursday. Photo/PD/DAVID NDOLO

When the Parliamentary Sports Committee members toured Nyayo and Kasarani stadiums to inspect the progress of renovations at the facilities on June 4, Sports Kenya Director General Pius Metto assured them that work would be completed by June 11, before officially handing it over the following day.

More than a month later, the handing over is yet to be done and questions linger on the work going on at the Nyayo Stadium that has been closed for almost four years for upgrading. 

During a visit to the facility recently, Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed once again gave another new deadline to have it ready, picking the end of this month.

However, a spot check by People Sport, the works remaining, especially at the swimming pool and selected administrative blocks, may take longer to be completed and that the timelines may as well be another pipe dream.

Amina, however, expressed confidence that a good product would  be handed to the Ministry soon after what have been several delays.

“We believe we are on course and after discussions with the contractors on site, I know by the close of this month we will have Nyayo Stadium done because at least 90 per cent has so far been completed and we have confirmed it.

Everyone must deliver because funds have been allocated and time is fast elapsing,” she said.

Amina stated that a Rapid Response Team had been formed with the sole purpose of giving the status of stadia renovation report in other parts of the country with a stern warning against complacency.

“We will be having real time briefings on where we are at with our 13 stadia developments across the country and the key message to the ground contractors is that timelines have to be met.

We have between July up until December to see a conclusive face and we will not allow anybody to try to play games with the process.

We allocated money and we expect nothing short of good work. The high ranking officials of the Ministry have been touring the country to check on status and we believe that good progress will henceforth be seen,” Amina said.

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