When wealth does not guarantee family success

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019 08:18 |
Cash. Photo/PD/Courtesy

People from all walks of life have bought the narrative that life is about material success. Media, whether social or mainstream, have portrayed success in such materialistic way that makes people overlook the fundamental aspects of life. Whereas it’s important to be economically strong and financially secure, the divine order of life as cradled in the family fabric shouldn’t be relegated.

Many have pursued wealth and financial actualisation at the expense of what brings true happiness. They have neglected their families and pursued piped dreams and secondary relationships when true happiness and lasting fulfilment could only be found within the nucleus of the family unit. I’ve seen people at their last stages of life helplessly clinging on to whatever little rag they left of their family fabric when money could no longer bring them peace and even the much valued health itself. 

Many financially successful people tend to return back to their families when it’s either too late or when the family members themselves have moved on. I’ve seen men cry as they call for family meetings and no one shows up. Even their riches and vast wealth couldn’t bring their loved ones back . I have also seen rich fellows die and leave their families going for each other’s jugular in succession wars. Let’s simply put family first. 

As important as money is, and as valuable as it is, nothing should ever come before family. Even in cases where there are disagreements, it’s better to have a dysfunctional family because problems and differences can be fixed. Loneliness, however, can snuff out someone’s life faster than sickness.

This is the reason we must go back to our families and make amends. We must say sorry and embrace our spouses and children again. Even in cases where it’s practically impossible to see eye to eye with a family member, always be the first to forgive and to let go of offences. Given time, things change, but holding a hard line stance could develop emotional gangrene. 

The heart must be guarded against all maladies that affect relationships and families. 

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