When Jesus says yes…Valerie met her love in a church

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Doing of the Lord.

Marcella Akinyi

Where did your love story begin? 

Valerie: We met in church. We were serving in different ministries in the same church. He was in a Thursday fellowship (Zabibu), but later joined the worship team. He sent me a message on Facebook and asked for my number. That’s where our friendship began. It took a while though before we dated.

At what point did you know that you wanted to take it to the next level?

We maintained our friendship for three years then he decided to take it to the next level. But it took one year for him to convince me.

I knew I loved him but I wasn’t sure how my family would take it because we are from different communities. I said ‘Yes’ to be his girlfriend one year after he asked me to date him.

How was dating like?

He has been the most amazing person I’ve met. We created time for each other, went on multiple dates and grew together. Evans made me feel special and I always mention the way he looks at me! Cheeiii!

I enjoyed every part of dating. We disagreed sometimes, but communication has been our strength. It was, therefore, a solid building block for us.

How was the proposal?

He proposed one and a half years into dating, on the weekend of last year’s World Cup final. On that particular day, he asked to take me out for dinner and afterwards, he insisted we pass by his place to pick warm clothing then head to some party.

When we got to his place, on the third floor, there were petals and candles all the way to the fifth floor. It was so beautiful. He got on one knee and well, the rest is history…

So how did your family eventually take it?

My parents were completely adamant to meet him, so he never got the opportunity to see them or pay dowry. Ours was a journey we took in faith because we were certain that God had said ‘Yes’ to our union. My parents did not support us at all.

Did they attend the wedding and was your husband’s family also opposed to your union?

My parents didn’t attend the wedding and we still don’t speak. However, my hubby’s parents received me very well. They’ve been kind and they make me feel like their daughter. My two cents on this is that it’s unfair to be judged based on your ethnic background.

How was planning your wedding like? 

It was not smooth-sailing. We probably wouldn’t have had a successful wedding were it not for our friends. We had a committee that greatly supported us and took up our wedding as their own. They went out of their way to ensure we got what we desired. Most of the suppliers had done friends’ weddings before, so we picked the ones that suited our needs, and who we had seen deliver good services.

We weren’t sure we’d raise the whole wedding budget but in the nick of time, that was settled. For the rest of the planning, we trusted our friends to follow up and they did a fantastic job; they gave their assistance over and beyond what we had envisioned.

What was memorable about your wedding?

Ours was an afternoon wedding then dinner. I was awed by the set-up.

My most memorable moment was walking down the aisle. I had so many things going through my mind, but seeing my best friend on the other side waiting to do life obscured it all.

Who walked you down the aisle?

My brother and sister. They came on board later during the planning process and supported me a lot. This, however, cost them a great deal because my dad wasn’t happy with them at all, but they took a bullet for us.

Afternoon weddings are unique. Why did you opt for that and what would you say are some dos and don’ts?

An afternoon wedding worked really well for us. I get quite grumpy when I don’t get enough rest and a wedding only happens once. I wanted to be at my best.

It allows for enough rest, no rush while preparing and so by the time we got to the venue, we were relaxed. From my experience, if planning an afternoon wedding, timekeeping is key. People may assume they have too much time in their hands, but time moves really fast, so ensure your activities are well planned out.

Also, friends are very important and great ones come to the rescue if any situation arises. So, it’s important to have people you trust around you on your big day.

What were you doing in the morning hours?

We got up at 7am, had time to get our make-up and hairstyling done, as well as eating.

We had an early morning shoot with the photographer in different attire, then we dressed up for the day and had touch-ups. By 11am we were done. Our wedding was beginning at 12pm and we were there on time.

The bridesmaid’s outfits were unique. Tell us about that

I have a keen sense of fashion, and I wanted something that was out of the box. My tailor Esther made the outfits. The bridesmaids loved them and received lots of compliments from the guests and those who saw the photos.

What would say to a couple who may find themselves in a situation like yours?

Seek Godly counsel and pray. If God says ‘Yes’, then move on. When God approves something, no man can curse or disapprove it.


Photography: Willy Muturi

Décor: Pearls and Roses

Catering: Kates Catering

Cake: Kates Bakers

Make-up: Natalie Mbula

Photo shoot: Fairview Hotel

Gown: Genise Bridals

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