When artiste-manager feuds become fierce legal battles

Friday, November 6th, 2020 00:00 |
Mwalimu Rachel.

DJ Lyta has been promoting Gengetone like nobody’s business, and is an angry man at how critics are fighting the new wave.

According to the Hot Grabba mixtape maker, those who have been attacking the new wave artistes are just afraid of being wiped away.

“Gengetone single-handedly chucked West African and Bongo music from our clubs. We have more rotation on media and I am surprised by the so-called gatekeepers, who went to an extent of sponsoring a hashtag on social media, discrediting the work we have done. Its such a shame,” he told PD Wikendi via phone.

Of late, the new crop of artistes has come under heavy criticism following the release of more raunchy videos, which decriers point out lack ethics.

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