What will poor Kenyans do if only saviour Nasa disintegrates?

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 00:00 |

Ndungu Mburu

Today, before I start, allow me to offer my condolences to the families of the seven school children who perished in the collapsed classroom in Dagoretti South.

No parent should have to bury their child, especially under circumstances that could have and should have been avoided.

I can’t imagine the pain, but, being a religious person, I trust that God will be their solace and will give them peace. 

However, there’s, still, no other country I’d rather live in than Kenya. Seriously. This has to be the only country where laws are taken as suggestions and proposals.

The government says, “Do not erect sub-standard buildings” and we reply, “sure, we’ll put that into consideration and get back to you.” 

I mean, how else would you explain tens of collapsed buildings and hundreds of people dying, including children, and the only reaction we get from that same government is “oops! 

Sorry! We will arrest people,” and the cycle continues? I keep telling you, we live in a special country. But, that’s not the important stuff for us.

Field candidates 

So, let’s talk about the important things. The Orange Democratic Movement secretary general Edwin Sifuna was, over the weekend, breathing fire and brimstone and foaming at the side of the mouth while declaring that the Orange party was going to “withdraw from the Nasa.”

 According to Sifuna, the party had had enough with the alliance’s other parties—Ford Kenya, Wiper and ANC—because they all decided to field candidates in the forthcoming Kibra parliamentary by-election. This is an unforgivable transgression.

First of all, it’s admirable that ODM has found a way of producing the results that they desire—withdraw. I mean, the last time they did that, their main guy virtually joined the government and got the motorcade he so desired. 

Where is the problem?

Secondly, it is absolutely hilarious that the Chungwa party is complaining about supposed infidelity in the alliance.

Here’s the thing; ODM complaining about other parties fielding candidates in their strongholds is like walking into a hotel with your “mpango wa kando” and causing a ruckus because you found your spouse in the same hotel cheating on you! 

I might be wrong, but, I seem to remember the same Sifuna, again foaming from the side of his mouth, declaring that ODM would field a candidate, Irshad Sumra, in the Embakasi South by-election in April, to go against Wiper Democratic Movement’s Julius Mawathe, in a supposed Wiper stronghold! So, where is the problem, exactly? 

Meanwhile, Siaya Senator James Orengo also claims Nasa  would, essentially, die after the Kibra by-election. 

Appearing on K24  TV show Punchline, Orengo said the alliance will not survive the turbulence of the Kibra by-election.

Oh, no! Nasa is about to die! What will Kenyans do now? That is devastating. Nasa has been doing such a good job keeping the government in check that its death will be felt heavily across the country.

With Nasa’s death, Kenya will now be overrun by corruption scandals that this alliance has been working so hard to keep the government in check about.

It doesn’t matter that Raila Odinga, the Nasa supremo, is running around the country giving the Galana Kulalu folk story a clean bill of health!

It also doesn’t matter that in April the aforementioned Sifuna declared that the Nasa “died over a year ago.” What will we do now? Should we beg them to stay alive?

Another fundraiser

Finally, I must admit that I’m a bit worried. Worried because it has been very quiet on the Kieleweke and Tanga Tanga camps. What’s happening? Have these people stopped going to church?

Has Maina Kamanda not organised for another fundraiser? Do these people not know that we’re addicted to these shenanigans? Even worse, did these politicians start listening to church leaders? 

That would be an injustice and a travesty of monumental proportions that will explode my mind if this were true. Please, politicians, don’t allow my brain to blow. I beg of you! [email protected]

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