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Welcome to Kirinyaga, the bastion of development

Wednesday, October 20th, 2021 00:00 |
President Uhuru Kenyatta has accused the five judge bench which declared the drive for constitutional change of taking advantage of his status as Head of State to infringe on his individuals right as a voter.
President Uhuru Kenyatta. Photo/File
President Uhuru Kenyatta has accused the five judge bench which declared the drive for constitutional change of taking advantage of his status as Head of State to infringe on his individuals right as a voter.

Justin Muturi 

I take this opportunity to express the honour and pride that the people of Mt Kenya region share with the rest of Kenyans, as Kirinyaga county plays host to the national Mashujaa Day celebrations.

As we welcome guests, led by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his chief guest President Lazarus Chakwera of Malawi, to this auspicious celebration at Wang’uru stadium, I wish to state that this is an opportune time to showcase the unity and peace we share as one Kenyan people.

Exercising my role as the Mt Kenyan region’s spokesperson, an honour bestowed on me by elders from the region, I call upon all leaders from this area to show the rest of the country that our political diversity is subservient to our spirit of unity.

The heated political season that Kenya and mostly the Mt Kenya region are going through, occasioned by next year’s General Election, is not what we know as the enduring definition of our region.

Mt Kenya is defined by more virtues than the present fray of the political season.

The region is the mainstay of robust economic activities, lush agricultural activities make it the land of milk and honey, the backbone of business and industry form the main pillars of development, and a large wealth of youth population offers the hope for future growth.

I call on leaders who are embroiled in hectic political competition in Mt Kenya region, I being one of them, is to remember that politics sometimes has the tendency to throw away the baby and the birth water, which is often followed by regrets. 

We must remember to hold steadfast to what is precious and to all good things that define us as a bastion of economic development, as we compete for leadership posts.

The political season will come and go, but while it lasts we should be reminded to be cautious in deeds and word.

Just the other day, President Uhuru met and reminded the leaders of Kirinyaga not to infuse destructive politics into the preparation of the noble Mashujaa Day. 

I borrow the same leaf and echo the same spirit, exhorting my fellow leaders to rise to a level of political maturity that seeks to build and preserve rather than destroy and scatter at the altar of political competition.

I have often said I espouse the virtues of integrity, responsibility and order. The latter, Order, is what I am most known by from uttering it for the last two decades as I wield the Speaker’s gavel, and it is what I have the desire to instil back into the management of public affairs, should my fellow citizens bestow on me the leadership of this nation which I am seeking alongside others.

As holder of public office and a politician, I long to see the day that this nation will rise above the tension and strains that accompany electioneering seasons every five years.

This will become a reality the day we will separate the allure of holding public office from the virtue of service to the people. Serving the people we represent is what defines leaders and distinguishes selfishness from selflessness.

I come today not to harangue but to welcome our honourable guests and all Kenyans who will be following this celebration from Kirinyaga on various platforms.

All visitor, accept my humble invite today to enjoy the sights and sounds of the diverse vastness of this beautiful region that lies in the shadow of the snow-capped peak of Kirinyaga mountain.

Enjoy the nectar and ambrosia from our lush orchards and bite nyama choma to your fill. Please, find something to remember Mt Kenya by.

In Shakespeare’s words, from our small cheer and great welcome, make a merry feast.

God bless you. God bless Kenya. Happy Mashujaa Day. — The writer is Speaker of the National Assembly and spokesman of Mt Kenya region

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