We must choose one life over death in the fight against Covid-19

Tuesday, August 10th, 2021 01:53 |
President Uhuru Kenyatta. Photo/PD/PSCU


Pediatric wings meant for children are now occupied by Covid-19 patients in major hospitals around the country. Fatalities are increasing.

There is pressing demand for supplemental oxygen for patients under Intensive Care Units and in isolations centres, counties are lacking infrastructure to fight the pandemic, medical practitioners are feeling the pressure working overtime with cases spiking out of a now dominant Covid-19 Delta variant whose transmission is twice as fast and much deadlier with patients experience little to no symptoms on the onset of infections.

And despite a highly anticipated vaccination drive coming into fruition, there has been a low uptake of the jab especially by those categorized as a priority before the rest of the population can access it due to a limited supply. This is worrying even as the country is on the onset of a fourth wave under the now dominant Delta virus.

The recent spike in Covid-19 infections is a clear indication that Kenyans have lowered their guard living as carefree as they want without keenly regarding the provided Covid-19 protocols meant to deter a likely spread besides playing ignorant as far as vaccination is concerned. Kenyans have been urged to take advantage of the available vaccine in the country yet record have indicated that only a small fraction of Kenyans having been fully vaccinated standing at 3 per cent by the end of July.

Even more perplexing is the fact that besides frontline workers who were given a priority, teachers form a big percentage of those who have ignored calls by the Ministry of Education to have themselves vaccinated. As it stands out, it has become another quadratic equation to get our learned friends and educations to get the Covid-jab that was once a ray of hope to further ensure protection of teachers after schools were reopened after a long break.

With all the knowledge on preventive measures and presence of vaccination opportunities in the country, Kenyans have chosen to be lax in their conduct and now endangering the lives of many. As is the current situation, counties have raised the alarm over the rise in infections through their Covid-19 County Response Committees indicating that there is limited infrastructure needed to treat patients and is every reason why Covid-19 vaccination is our saving grace in offering protection in the various sectors of the economy.

It is therefore imperative that Kenyans recognize all the measures taken to offer protection by at least adhering to the Covid-19 preventive measures put in place by the authorities. There is no information on prevention and vaccination that has been withheld from the public and Kenyans should take this season to be vaccinated as the country continues to receive more vaccines.

With the spike in infections, it is urgent that teachers and other select groups including the elderly who had not been vaccinated get the jab. Likely to have a positive impact, the Ministry of Tourism has also made it mandatory for workers in hospitality establishments get the Covid-jab as this is key towards the sector’s recovery. The Ministry of Education has also urged teachers to get the jab as they are often highly exposed to numerous students and pupils who are as well put at risk of exposure as the increased vaccination means greater protection in order to emerge the winners in the war against Covid-19.

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