We feel left out in fight against COVID-19 – student leader Hussein Muyundo

Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 17:31 |
Hussein Muyundo
Hussein Muyundo

Student leaders in the country have expressed their disappointment on how the government is handling the Coronavirus pandemic in Kenya.

Most university students said they were shocked when the Cabinet Secretary Of Education George Magoha announced that tertiary institutions were to be closed down along side primary and secondary schools.

They say that the government does not trust its own university students.

Hussein Muyundo, one of the most influential student leaders in Alupe University, told People Daily that most of the youth do not have a voice in matters such as these and the youth are the best people to include and help the government in handling such a crisis.

Muyundo said: " The government should employ the youth to help curb the pandemic because they are young energetic and quick to respond. We have so many in red cross and St John Ambulance and so many other institutions that want to help and support the government to curb covid-19."

Student associations feel like this is not the time for the government to leave out university students in their bid to fight Covid 19. They can help in research,quick emergency response and in so many other areas.

He added: "It is sad to see that tertiary institutions Including those providing health science courses are closed this university students could be helping the government manage the virus."

He said the government should take tertiary institutions seriously and engage students in the fight against Covid 19.

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