Wanjigi queries Uhuru picture of economy

Monday, December 6th, 2021 06:00 |
Business tycoon Jimi Wanjigi. Photo/PD/file

Businessman Jimi Wanjigi has disputed President Uhuru Kenyatta presented during his State of the Nation address last week.

The ODM presidential aspirant said the numbers do not add up.

He was speaking at the ACK St Paul’s Karen West Parish, Karinde, Nairobi county where he was hosted by Rev Steve Muhoho dur- ing a fundraiser in aid of a multi-purpose hall.

He said the President has failed to resuscitate the economy, noting that the national debt had risen by over 600 per cent thereby subjecting Kenyans to more pain and suffering.

“When I heard the President speak and exude a score card that is not in tandem with what is in our pockets, I was in shock. I was wondering whether I am the one who lives in a different world,” he said.

Citing the fi es that President Kenyatta gave in his address indicating that the economy grew to Ksh4.7 trillion in retired President Mwai Kibaki’s tenure, Jimi said that was not true.

“Anybody can Google it and fi that the economy under Kibaki grew to Sh6.7 trillion. We want facts President, however harsh. Not dreams and fantasies. We want the truth. We know the President does not have time to fi it but those who are running for the presidency should not tell Kenyans lies,” he

“That debt we are not en- joying because it has gone to things we cannot explain. It is clear that Uhuru has not been able to boost our productivity. It is also true that the cost of living has shot for each one of us. The only thing we can do to save the economy is stop the slide into debt and increase pro- ductivity,” he added.

He cited the rising cost of electricity, saying the situation would worsen, as the country struggled under the mountain of debt taken up by Jubilee.

“We should be very careful with the choices next year because there are people who have been around for 30 years and more and are now hoodwinking vot- ers,” he said.

Wanjigi also said he would not be attending the Azimio La Umoja De- cember 10 meeting called by ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

“I have not been invited and I do not know what it is about. Raila has not said he is a candidate.

If he chooses to run, we are competitors. We as ODM must show this country that we can have issues debated as we campaign for the party,” he said

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