Wanga, Shollei differ on value of BBI drive, anti-corruption war

Monday, August 19th, 2019 00:00 |
One of the BBI sittings.

Two MPs in Jubilee’s rival women’s lobby groups have differed over the main objective of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) the war on corruption and the proposed referendum. 

 The differences between the Embrace Kenya, which supports President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga and the Inua Mama initiative, which supports Deputy President William Ruto played out during the K24 Punchline show.

 Uasin Gishu Woman Rep Gladys  Shollei, allied to  Ruto and Gladys Wanga who is linked to Raila camp, traded barbs, each fiercely defending her camp’s position.

Shollei termed the BBI as an illegality, stating that it is largely composed of people who have little knowledge and expertise in Constitution-making process.

“The BBI is not anchored in the law. For instance, who developed the nine-point agenda the BBI has been discussing across the country? Raila and President Uhuru could have held their respective Parliamentary Group meetings and mandated their elected leaders to seek Kenyans’ views on what needs to be changed in the Constitution. But coming from two people in the name of the Handshake is an illegality,” she said arguing the BBI’s outcome is pre-determined.

Wanga defended the BBI saying the issues emanating from the famous handshake through which the initiative was borne, are “very” clear.

She said the context of the Handshake came from the fact that the two people; Uhuru and Raila, held the key to the country’s peace and calm.  Wanga said this was the reason Embrace Kenya, a women-led initiative was formed to support Raila and Uhuru achieve their goal of inviting Kenyans.

Wanga said the nine points in the BBI were brought to Parliament and conclusively debated by Members of the National Assembly as elected leaders, Shollei being one of them.

“But what is interesting is the fact that those opposed to the BBI go around claiming that it is meant to bar someone from becoming President,” she said.

Shollei said the people of the Rift Valley feel betrayed by President Uhuru for abandoning his deputy after several assurances that he was going to endorse and support him for presidency.

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