Wajir MCAs barred from debating governor ouster

Tuesday, April 27th, 2021 22:01 |
Embattled Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi Mohamud. Photo/PD/FILE

Embattled Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi Mohamud is a man under siege. From an election petition linked to the validity of his academic papers, to a Senate committee tasking him to explain Covid-19 funds expenditure, now Members of  his County Assembly (MCAs) are seeking to oust him over claims of corruption, gross misconduct and abuse of office.

The ouster motion, a third attempt, has been endorsed by 33 out of 49 MCAs.

However, the governor got a temporary reprieve yesterday after a High Court in Meru barred the Assembly from discussing his impeachment scheduled for this afternoon.

The Assembly through its clerk had last week notified Governor Mohamud to appear before MCAs to defend himself against the allegations.

Gross violation

The ward representatives have cited various reasons on why they want the governor out office, including gross violation of the law; committing a crime under the national and international laws; and lacking the capability to run the county.

Besides, runaway corruption and abuse of office, the ward representatives accuse the governor of lacking the mental capability to run the county government.

In what appears to be piling of trouble for the first-time governor, they cited the impeachment proceedings as his reason for missing a grilling session with the Senate Committee on Health on utilisation of Covid-19 funds.

“This is to regrettably inform you that we have received an impeachment notice from Wajir County Assembly on Tuesday April 20 and I am to appear for my defence on Tuesday 27,” the governor said in a letter to the committee.

The letter continues: “This calls for rigorous preparation and attention which makes it very difficult for me to appear before you tomorrow Monday April 26.”

“In this regard, you are requested to reschedule our virtual appearance before the Senate Health committee to a later date,” he said, adding: “I confirm to attend in person together with my technical staff.”

Auditor General indictment

Auditor General Ms Nancy Gathungu has indicted the Wajir County administration for spending Sh113 million without approved work plans and budgets specific to Covid-19, contrary to section 107 (2) of the County Government Act of 2012.

The auditor has also indicted the county for lacking approved Covid-19 specific work plans, budgets, training and procurement plan for conditional grants Sh38 million, DANIDA Sh9.5 million and KDSP Funds of Sh30 million contrary to section 44 of the Public Procurement and Disposal Act of 2015.

The committee chaired by Trans Nzoia Senator Michael Mbito also wants the governor to explain why his government entered into Irregular Framework Agreements for tender WCG/SP/OT/02/2019-20 for supply and delivery of relief food with only four instead of the recommended minimum seven vendors, amounting to Sh23,585,700, award to Leyli General Contractors LTD, in violation of the public procurement laws.

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