Wairimu was confident tycoon was ‘safe wherever he is’

Monday, September 16th, 2019 00:00 |
Sarah Wairimu Kamotho.

The wife of murdered Dutch businessman Tob Cohen has always exhibited a confident demeanour that her husband was fine “wherever he is” since the tycoon went missing.

Sarah Wairimu Kamotho, now a key suspect in the murder, described her husband as unpredictable and full of surprises in an earlier interview with People Daily

“I have no doubts that my husband is somewhere, safe. I know him since we have been together for almost 30 years,” she said.

At one point during the interview Wairimu even “pleaded” with the husband to call her to spare her the agony.

“We had our issues but I miss the moments we were with him. That sense of safety is now missing at our home,” she said and maintained her husband had travelled to Thailand, saying she was not worried since it was normal for Cohen to leave without informing her. 

But preliminary investigations by detectives indicate that as she was speaking to journalists, her husband’s body could have been rotting in a septic tank in his own compound.

Asked why she never raised any alarm after the husband went missing, she gave two cases where the husband travelled to Othaya and Netherlands without informing her.

“On February 2, for example, he said he was taking a day off. I later learnt that he had travelled to Othaya to check the house I was building at home,” said Wairimu.

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