Wahome points at Raila over Jubilee failures

Sunday, February 7th, 2021 15:24 |
Kandara Member of Parliament (MP) Alice Wahome

Kandara Member of Parliament (MP) Alice Wahome has said the opposition leader Raila Odinga cannot escape the blame on the failures by the Jubilee government.

Wahome said Raila who is opposition leader has failed to undertake his constitutional mandate to put the government in check and thus the blame lies squarely on his table.

Speaking at her backyard over the weekend, the MP said since the handshake between Odinga and President in March 2018, he abdicated his oversight role and instead started defending the government on its ills.

"Raila Odinga cannot run away from the government at this late stage when the damage has already been done," she said.

"He has watched so many things go wrong and he gives them a blind eye or creates a narrative that will sanitize the government" added Wahome.

She pointed out issues like abuse of office used by the Executive, disobedience of court orders, corruption in the government system and abuse of power police as some of the matters that the opposition leader ought to have put in check.

Further, she said Raila's hand has been seen in running the government and Jubilee party affairs.

Wahome sought to exonerate the Deputy president William Ruto from the blame saying there have been deliberate efforts to edge him out of the government.

She said blocking the DP the national debate and implementation of projects has been done deliberately to show that he is not part of the government.

"How then do you ask someone who is not part of the government to carry the blame for its failures?" she posed.

"There have been even public statements that Ruto should resign and too much mudslinging led by some leaders in the Jubilee against him just to discredit him," she added.

Wahome said Uhuru who recently said he is fully in charge of the government should fix the ills in its system and own up to the failures.

"The President admitted that the country is losing Sh2billion on a daily basis yet he cannot tell us where the money is going to and who is taking it," she said.

"It is either the figures are fictitious with intent to implicate a certain individual as the one being behind the graft," she added.

She also wondered why no action has been taken against some individuals who are lieutenants of the President who were implicated in the Covid-19 funds scandal.

Additional reporting by Njange Maina

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