Vocal ex-MP readies for plush appointment

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020 18:18 |

Former MP readies for plush appointment

As political re-organisations hit top gear, a former MP from the Rift Valley has been on a drinking spree, celebrating what he says is impending good news.

The former lawmaker tells anybody who cares to listen that he is ready for bigger things in the coming few days.

The man is even on record warning some of his political protagonists of dire consequences once he is appointed to an unnamed coveted position.

Clearly, he knows something that we do not.

Governor mints cash from pending bills

A governor in western Kenya has reportedly taken advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to mint millions.

The man who has avoided appearing in his office, has directed his lieutenants to negotiate with suppliers owed by the county for immediate payments. Not so fast.

Only those ready to part with some amount— commission—are taken to the governor’s residence for payments.

County boss finally makes peace with MPs

A governor from the Rift Valley who had been abandoned by all MPs from his county seems to have found a magic formula on how handle the situation.

The county boss has been paying secret individual visits to the MPs at night in a bid to make peace with them.

The plan seems to be working in favour of the governor as almost all the MPs have softened their stance towards him.

Are deals brokered at parastatal boss’ home?

Just what is happening at the residence of a famous chairman of a parastatal?

The man’s home in a leafy city suburb has been a beehive of activity, with high-profile politicians spotted in the residence.

Those in the know say discussions in the house usually go on till late into the night, but no one know what deals are being brokered.

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