Visit to top politician lands MPs in trouble

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020 14:46 |
Parliament. Photo/File

Mt Kenya governor rues picking up mantle

A governor from Mount Kenya region is a worried man following many scandals he is currently facing.

The governor, who took over office in a huff, was over the weekend heard regretting ever taking up that position.

In one of the talks with his close associates, he said that if he knew the challenges that office holds, he would never have accepted that position at all.

The fortunes have changed over the last three years as perceptions and past records haunt the politician.

Visit to top politician lands MPs in trouble

Two MPs who joined a delegation visiting a leading candidate of the 2022 General Election are standing on stills after the party that elected them to parliament disagreed with their decision.

The women MPs were short of words after pictures emerged online of their visit at the politician’s home.

They were accused of going against an anticipated candidature of a leading politician yet to declare his interest.

The leaders defended themselves saying the party is hypocritical.

Traders lose spirited fight against NMS

The confusion behind demolition of illegal structures and business stalls in the Nairobi CBD has dawned on traders, many of who are slowly accepting that what they had all along felt was not in their favour.

Following a notice to vacate the city centre, many shop owners are caught between knocking down their own structures and waiting to be pushed out.

A notice circulated on Monday left them little to fight over as the NMS moved in to restore the capital city’s tattered image.

Banker fighting drive to thrust him into politics

One of the country’s leading bankers is fighting a move by residents of his Central Kenya home county to take a stab at the gubernatorial seat in 2022.

The banker, known for his good motivating skills and liked by many from across the political divide is fighting the move by the voters who have impressed on him to abandon the lucrative bank job that has thrust him to the national podium with innovative skills that elders from the county believe can be of great good in making a difference to the home county.

The family is fighting the move.


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