Vinayak, Duncan off to flyer in Rally Raid

Tuesday, February 9th, 2021 00:00 |
Shivam Vinayak in action. Photo/PD/PHILIP KAMAKYA

The first instalment of the Kenya Motorsports Federation Rally Raid this past weekend saw three categories on offer with rider Shivam Vinayak and driver Ian Duncan posting impressive results.

Vinayak who is an experienced long time MX1 rider was in his element in Bike No.96.

Vinayak who is a dentist was exceptional in the first leg with a time of 2:13:08.

On Day 2, Leg 2A, he cut off his initial time by 0:56:35 and in Leg 2B he posted 1:18:30.00 bringing his eventual total time at the end of the competition to 4:28:13.00.

He was followed by Karan Mahindra who posted 6:02:37.00 after putting in a Leg 1 time of 3:0047.00 and 1:25:22.00 in Leg 2A and finally 1:36:28.00

Meanwhile in the Modified Auto Class, veteran Duncan navigated by Jaspal Matharu posted  a time of  2:12:48.00 in Leg 1.

In the follow-up Leg 2A on the second day, the pair reduced the gap by 0:48:06.00 and 1:00:28.00 in Leg 2B with a total time on the board for the legends being 4:01:22.00.

The runners-up John Rodgers and Ameet Matharu were  given a warning after jump-starting by two minutes in the opening leg. 

In the first leg of Day 1, the duo put in 2:21:17.00 and in the Leg 2A of Day 2,the pair put in 1:01:19.00 and subsequently 1:21:03.00 with the total count on the board being 4:43:39.00.

In the Prototype Category, Mark Glen and navigator Robbie Calder and runners-up Ross Field and Quentin Savage all got 10 second penalties for servicing on stage and their times were erased.

 Balraj Matharu and Oliver Leon had a total time of 4:20:34.00. in the first Leg of Day 1.

The duo then posted 2:22:48.00 and the following day, they cut it by 0:52:32 in Leg 2A and 1:05:14.00 in Leg 2B.

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