Varsity builds a digitized customer relations system

Friday, October 2nd, 2020 05:50 |
Zetech University

As the world commemorates the annual customer service week that is celebrated every first week of October, Zetech University has invested in a new customer relations management system to enhance services provided to stakeholders.

The system serves as a tool for training as the university develops in its students an entrepreneurial spirit and emphasizes the critical role customers play in every industry.

The private university has embarked on the process, taking advantage of digital systems to improve the student and client experience while promoting online learning for qualified students.

Following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty around the reopening of institutions, the system has been termed as a timely investment that will leverage digital systems to connect with students while providing guidance on navigating the University’s online blended learning system and progress with their university studies.

The university Vice-Chancellor Prof. Njenga Munene noted that the move was adopted in line with the growing needs of the new generation customer, changes in consumer behavior, purchasing as well as dynamics of current market forces that demand service providers to carefully engage with customers.

“As Zetech University, customer focus is one of our core values, and in this new normal of providing online learning and professional courses, the investment in a customer relationship system is a timely investment,” Said the VC. 

Echoing his thoughts, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Dr. Alice Njuguna highlighted that the shift to online learning requires that students are well handled and guided in the relevantly new process.

“This system is ideal for better engagement with our students and their guardians and enhances our delivery of service to ensure a seamless process at all University service points,” said Dr. Njuguna.

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