Varsities told to release details for open learning programmes

Tuesday, August 18th, 2020 00:00 |
Students during the Digital School of Virtual and Open Learning orientation at Kenyatta University. Photo/COURTESY

Universities will now be required to demonstrate their financial support for Open, Distance and e-Learning (ODeL) programmes.

Commission for University Education (CUE) has directed the institutions to provide detailed information on budgetary allocation and expenditure for ODeL programmes and related infrastructure going forward. 

They are to also give a computation of financial viability and sustainability projections specifically for ODeL of at least five years, short and medium term marketing plans available and projected student recruitment trends for the same timeframe.

“The commission seeks to establish the quality of ODeL education in universities,” CUE said.

“As a provider of the academic programmes through ODeL mode of delivery, the university is expected to generate a self-assessment report, in the format provided, on the programmes on offer and how the university is prepared for the accreditation of specific programmes and ODeL centres.” 

Policies and guidelines

 The directives are contained in a new format issued by CUE for preparing a self-assessment report for ODeL programmes and institutions.

The commission has also urged universities to incorporate the governance and management of respective institutions of higher learning. 

They are to highlight the integrated institutional framework in place, where they are to include the units, leadership and administrative structure in support of ODeL and state the ODeL centres if existing. 

University ODeL policy, with regard to the programmes curriculum development, copyright on course materials, intellectual property rights, providing for learners with different abilities and research by online students. 

Universities are also directed to outline other policies and guidelines available that support ODeL and clearly indicate how they support the programme, how it is managed and monitored in the University and how the ODeL offerings are aligned to the university vision, mission and philosophy.  

CUE has also urged universities to highlight in their respective report, the policies guiding curriculum design and development for ODeL programmes.

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