US woman runs 95 marathons in 95 days

Wednesday, November 17th, 2021 00:05 |

An American woman who decided to run the distance of a marathon every day during Covid-19 lockdown earned a Guinness World Record by running 95 marathon distances in 95 days.

Alyssa Clark, who said she was living in Italy in March 2020 when the government issued its first stay-at-home order and she soon discovered the summer marathons she had been training for were canceled.

Clark said she decided to run the distance of a marathon during every day of lockdown, expecting the project to last for about 15 days, but she kept it going.

Clark, who used a treadmill some days and ran outside when possible, ended up running 95 marathon distances in 95 days.

The runner said she had started a 96th marathon run, but decided to stop when she felt ill.

"I always said that if I felt that I was going to be putting myself in a position of being a burden on the medical system, I would stop,” Clark told the Williams Record.

“So as soon as things started going downhill, I pulled away from it.” Clark only later learned that she was experiencing symptoms of Covid-19. She recently received word from Guinness World Records that she was the record holder for most consecutive days to run a marathon distance. “I am definitely proud to have the record, but I hope someone will go out and break it one day soon,” she said.         

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