Unknown people kill elderly man in Kiambu

Monday, January 11th, 2021 21:04 |

A village in Gatundu South, Kiambu County is mourning the death of an aging man who was found murdered inside his house by unknown people.

According to the family, Joseph Njuguna, 65, was accosted by an unknown group of five men inside his compound where he was clobbered using a blunt object on the forehead before he was stabbed once resulting in his death.

Kariuki Mbeca, a brother to the deceased, told journalists that the village elder was killed in the wee hours of Monday morning inside his bedroom.

According to Mbeca, Njuguna had on Sunday gone to a gathering organized by Kiama Kiama, a Kikuyu council of elders within the Gatwikira village after which he came back home accompanied by three men.

The deceased is later reported to have escorted them to the gate and on returning, he was followed by five men who were complaining that he had insulted the elders at the gathering.

“They gave the wife a rungu which they demanded her to use in disciplining Njuguna and after she declined, they locked her up in a room before they started to beat him up,” said Mbeca.

Later, Mbeca revealed that the gang led Njuguna to his main bedroom where they continued to hit him and later stabbed him on the head once resulting in his death.

In what seems like an organized murder, the family established that nothing was stolen from the house while the wife was left unharmed.

Residents who eulogized the man as calm and honest said their efforts to rescue him were unproductive as by the time they heard the screams, Njuguna had already been killed and the murderers gone under.

Led by Stephen Njoroge, the locals said that after hearing screams, they rushed to the house when the deceased was being clobbered and unlocked most of the doors that the gang had left closed only to find the man lying dead.

They said that insecurity is lately high in the area and called on the government to heighten surveillance to avert similar incidents.

On their side, detectives said they found an iron axe and a rungu in the living room revealing that they had already commenced investigations to ascertain the motive behind the criminality.

Kiambu County police commander Ali Nuno who visited the scene yesterday revealed that their preliminary investigations pointed them to a likely family dispute.

“We cannot comment at this point and time but what we know is that there was a longstanding family dispute,” he said on the phone.

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