Unknown gunmen shoot dead police officer

Thursday, January 28th, 2021 00:00 |
Nairobi Region Police Commander, Rashid Yakub.

A police corporal was shot dead by unknown gunmen during a robbery in Landi Mawe, Industrial Area, Nairobi on Tuesday night.

Corporal Mark Kiptui based at Industrial Area Police Station was shot inside his car after he had dropped a friend.

Another man, who is yet to be identified, was also shot dead during the 10pm incident.

Nairobi Region Police Commander, Rashid Yakub said the officer was in civilian clothing and was not armed.

“We have lost an officer. A team is investigating to establish the motive and the identity of the attackers,” he said.

Some eyewitnesses told People Daily that four gunmen, who had just robbed an Mpesa shop and butchery ran into the officer as they were  escaping.

They first confronted the officer, who initially thought the gunmen were his colleagues.

On confronting the deceased, he told the gunmen he was an officer. They shot him on the head killing him instantly.

The body was transferred to Kenyatta University Hospital Mortuary while that of the unidentified man was taken to the City Morgue awaiting post-mortem and identification.

Detectives are also trying to establish if the attack was accidental or the attackers were targeting the slain officer.  Yakub said the officer’s friend escaped unhurt.

And in the process, one of the gunmen shot and killed their accomplice. He was shot in the head as he wrestled the deceased. It is not clear if the shooting was deliberate or accidental, police said.

Elsewhere in Nairobi, a man believed to have murdered his girlfriend on January 21 was yesterday arrested in Kayole, just few kilometres from the scene of murder.

The suspect, who had locked himself up in a house on the fifth floor, had even threatened to commit suicide by jumping from the upper floor.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations said the suspect was arrested after  detectives convinced him not to commit suicide.

DCI boss George Kinoti said detectives had been trailing the suspect, who had last week visited the deceased and asked her house help to leave before  committing the heinous crime.  

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