Uhuru succession: Rumble on the mountain as MP, elders ask Speaker Muturi to be Ruto’s running mate

Tuesday, July 20th, 2021 23:06 |
Speaker Justin Muturi and DP William Ruto. PHOTO/COURTESY

The expectation for Mt Kenya region to produce the next president after Uhuru Kenyatta's retirement in 2022 is slowly losing momentum after a Member of Parliament and Njuri Ncheke council of elders openly spelt doom for the region ahead of next year's general election.

Tigania west MP John Mutunga openly told National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi to prepare for an early defeat come 2022.

The legislator who was addressing locals while issuing sporting kits to more than 100 youth football and volleyball clubs at Kianjai market, said it was clear that Mt Kenya cannot produce the next president.

"As much as Muturi is our son, we want to be honest with him. He will not win the presidential race and Mt.Kenya will not occupy the top office," Mutunga said.

At the same time, the MP called on Muturi to drop his presidential ambitions and consider working with Deputy President William Ruto as his running mate instead of dividing the mountain's votes .

"I am sure we can have a very powerful government if the two agree to work together because both Ruto and Muturi are men of integrity and they can deliver and boost the economy of this nation. But if he decides to cling to his presidential ambitions, we will not support him," the MP added.

Mutunga also assured the DP that Mt Kenya will rally behind him come 2022 before calling on Ruto to pick Muturi as his running Mate.

"There is no doubt that Mt.Kenya is behind Ruto and those you hear making a different noise are just playing their cards smartly before the end of time they will all come to UDA camp because  we are sure Ruto will form the next government and that is why we are asking him to work with Muturi," the MP  added.

Speaking to People Daily Digital, Njuri Ncheke Secretary General Josphat Murangiri said that Mt Kenya might be forced to change their political tune as the country nears the general election

Murangiri who called on Speaker Muturi to rethink his presidential ambition, said that Mt.Kenya will be at the centre of the next government if the region walks in the same direction.

"We are telling Muturi to unite the region. I am sure we will not win the presidency but we can easily get the position of Deputy President," Murangiri said.

According to the Njuri Ncheke SG, the most important move by Mt Kenya is to have the region represented on the high table after President Uhuru retires from office in 2022.

'"Since Muturi is our son, we advise him to take position two because what we want is to have a representation in the national map," Murangiri added.

He further warned Muturi not to fall into the trap laid by other political parties which might see him sell the region's soul stating that Muturi is Mt Kenya's only hope in the next general election.

However even as pressure mounts on Muturi to be Ruto's running mate, the National Assembly Speaker has maintained that he will not deputise anybody affirming that he will be going for the country's top seat. .

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