Ugandan palate, visit Pinotage Bar and Restaurant on Lenana Road

Saturday, August 14th, 2021 00:00 |
Some foods such as matooke are served in plantain leaves.

If you are a lover of jazz instrumentals, you may want to check out the Pinotage Bar and Restaurant on Lenana Road.

Every Saturday, the Mystique band plays jazz renditions of popular hits. When dusk falls, they play a medley of reggae, rock and any other hits that the crowd might want, but this time with vocals as well.

The restaurant is known for authentic Ugandan food. If you want katogo, matoke with peanut sauce or any other delicacy from the Pearl of Africa and do not have the patience to fly to Kampala, this is the spot for you.

They also make great tandoori chicken, well spiced and cooked through. Their portions are large and prices friendly. For me, this is the hallmark of true African restaurants.

Between Monday and Friday, there is a buffet every lunch time. Show up early as the food is normally over by 3pm.

African hospitality dictates that if the plate is not creaking under the weight of the food, there is something wrong.

My love for potatoes is persistent; their home fries are the best thing that happened this side of the Sahara.

They are so well done and sumptuous that they will definitely be on my food repertoire.

Every weekday between noon and 4pm, there is a buffet set out with various Ugandan delicacies.

You have to show up early though, because the food is a hit among the working crowd in Kilimani.

Wet fry tilapia in special sauce.

Or you could just get their number, so you can give instructions for them to prepare your plate from the buffet anytime you are held up.

Drinks are also in plenty and well priced. My go-to is a mojito. They only have happy hour during weekdays.

This is a perfect excuse to have that evening meeting here as you will be able to drink more for less. Other than cocktails, they have a sizeable selection of beers and ciders.

And if you are a tea fanatic, they serve tea throughout the day and night as well. I have a new chillout spot now.

My only regret is that I had not discovered this place earlier. Here is to more tea-soaked evenings with a plate of katogo.

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