UDA candidate arrested in Kiamokoma ward by-election

Thursday, March 4th, 2021 12:09 |
UDA candidate arrested in Kiamokoma ward by election

Five people including United Democratic Alliance(UDA) candidate Moses Nyakeramba were arrested at Moremani shopping centre as they headed to poling stations to assess voting in the ongoing Kiamokoma Ward by-election in Nyaribari, Kisii County.

Nyakeramba was nabbed alongside politician Don Bosco and other UDA supporters and locked up at Kiamokoma police post.

There was a commotion and police fired a tear gas canister which smashed their (politicians) vehicle.

Efforts by Nyakeramba to convince the officers he was a candidate fell on deaf years.

"My house is here. I am a candidate. What have I done?" Nyakeramba said.

Unconfirmed reports also indicated Zaheer Jhander, a politician was also nabbed and taken to Nyangusu polling stations.

Voting was smooth despite claims of voter bribery even as police beefed up security at polling stations and patrolled the area. Eleven candidates are in the for Kiamokama Ward by-election.

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