Tried N’ Tasted: Pizza à la Migori

Saturday, December 4th, 2021 06:00 |
Barbecue steak pizza, medium size with extra toppings.

On Migori-Isibenia road at a Rubis Petrol Station, there is JA’s Café and Pizzeria, a quaint pizza and coffee joint that is easily accessible from the main road.

I happened on the restaurant completely by chance as I was on my way to Tanzania by road. The restaurant is located on the first floor.

It has comfortable couches to sit on, with light fixtures hanging on the low ceiling to provide ample lighting. They have the menu printed above the counter, just in case one wants to order for takeaway.

They serve great coffee and chocolate complete with foam art.

Hot chocolate.

Their hot chocolate feels like a warm hug, especially on a rainy evening as most of the evenings around Migori tend to be.

They also have several flavours of juice, soda and water in case one wants something cold. Their spicy fries and samosas are tasty and moderately priced.

A refreshing start with fresh juice.

There are a variety of pizzas, which come with the option of added toppings at an extra cost. They even have vegetarian options, for those who love their dough unstained by meat.

Spicy fries and samosa

I tried their barbeque steak with extra toppings and it was delicious. Having been served a doughy chapatti with beef stew slathered on top masquerading as pizza at a Nyeri restaurant some time last year, it was quite refreshing to find a well made pizza outside the major cities in the country.

The portions were large, and the prices affordable. The service was solicitous and quick. It was a delightful experience overall.

Next time I am in Migori county, I will be sure to try more items off their menu.

The interior

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