Trauma of hair loss during chemo is manageable, cancer survivor says

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020 19:45 |
Muthoni Mate, Director of Cancer Cafe Kenya

Cancer is among the most feared illnesses globally. The disease is not only a threat to human life, but also in some cases has a devastating side effects.

Hair loss is one of the well-known side effects that develop during cancer treatment. It can be very distressing and devastating.

Women are the most affected when it comes to this effect as it is always a constant reminder of their cancer and what they are going through.

"It should be noted that the chemotherapy treatment is the one that leads to loss, thinning or breakage of hair of some patients and not the cancer itself," says Dr. David Makumi, Patron of Oncology Nurse Chapter Kenya.

He revealed that hair loss can witnessed at the first chemo and in some cases fifth or sixth chemo where some patients either experience partial or whole hair loss.

These patients notice that the hair has began breaking during shower period when they wipe their head uising a towel.

It is on rare case to find cancer survivors who are gladly willing to tell the world their story and how their cancer journey has beem.

However, Muthoni Mate, Director Cancer Cafe and cancer survivor has been at the forefront in sharing her story. Muthoni's hair began thining and loss some of it when she started cancer treatment.

"At first, it was abit scary. But if you are ready for it you get used to it," she said.

Whats more interesting with Muthoni is that she did not look for any remedy like other wowen do but instead she decided to walk around baldheaded.

This kind of courage made people who knew her think it was was an art of self expression for her to decide to cut her hair and they did not know that she was a cancer patient.

For others with similar side effect, they would feel at ease if at all people didn't notice they are cancer patients and in fact their friends having such thought would really be a relief but with Muthoni's case she was bold enough to make the assumptions right.

She confesses having used that opportunity to let people know it was a medical condition she was going through and that is what cancer is all about.

"It is all about the self esteem. If you have a low self esteem then you'll really be affected by what other people say but if you decide that you have bigger things to fight for such as your life then things like hair loss will not matter," she advised those going through situation like hers.

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