Trans Nzoia: Youth vow to reject BBI

Monday, October 26th, 2020 16:38 |

Youth in Trans Nzoia have vowed to reject the Building Bridges Initiative officially launched at the Bomas of Kenya and accused the Yusuf Haji-led committee for 'lying to Kenyans' that the interests of the youth had been taken care of in the draft.

The youths who spoke under the auspices of the Trans Nzoia Hustler Movement said they would mobilize residents of Trans Nzoia to reject the initiative which they said favoured the political class.

They alleged that that the document has been sugarcoated with some to entice the youths into believing that the solution to their economic challenges lies in voting for the constitutional amendments.

''We will not be tempted to believe this cheap and mischievous narrative that the government now requires a constitutional amendment for it to address our challenges. The seven-year tax holiday can be implemented through a simple act of Parliament," said Kubumba Wanyonyi.

They called on all youths of the country to lead the pack in rejecting the whole document saying the drafters only had the interests of dynasties in mind.

''We know that the BBI constitutional amendment draft was tailored towards curtailing the ambitions of some politicians seen as anti-establishment while favouring others. This has nothing to do with making lives of Kenyans better," they said.

The youth spoke during a press conference at the Posta grounds in Kitale where they told off those glamouring for the adoption of the document, saying Kenyans were very much pressed up with more important issues than BBI that is advocating for the creation of jobs for recycled politicians at the expense of over 10 million unemployed youths.

The lobby's Secretary-General   Too   Manucho said the interests of the youth cannot be achieved if the initiative will be adopted as it is and called for its'defeat during the referendum.

He lashed at some politicians for turning themselves into heckling and shouting machines during the official launch of the BBI at the Bomas of Kenya and called for respect among politicians from the political divide.

''All the bad behaviour of heckling and shouting exhibited by politicians and their followers from one region portrays a bad picture for this country and we are asking all leaders to desist from such moves that may tempt the younger generation to believe and do the same to others'', he said.

They, however, applauded President Uhuru Kenyatta for his sobriety during his speech at the Bomas of Kenya and challenged other political leaders to follow suit in order to build a united nation where all people live in peace, love and unity.

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