Trans Nzoia Women rep ask parents not to lock up children living

Friday, July 10th, 2020 14:39 |
Trans Nzoia county MP Janet Nangabo with officials of the Trans Nzoia Youth PWDs. The MP asked parents not to lock children in houses.

Trans Nzoia Women Representative Janet Nangabo has raised concerns over parents and guardians locking up children living with disabilities.

Mrs. Nangabo said children locked up had missed out on several support programmes initiated by the government and non-governmental organisations.

“There are many parents that have decided to hide children living with disabilities for fear of public ridicule. They should not deny them access to empowerment opportunities,” she said.

She said the vice is also breeding cases of sexual violations among girls with most perpetrators being their close family members who go scot-free since such cases are never reported.

The woman representative spoke while touring economic generating activities put up by members of the Trans Nzoia youths living with disabilities.  

The MP also called on the County to effectively address the plight of those living with disabilities by offering them economic empowering opportunities.

“People living with disabilities have proven that they can be economically productive if they are empowered. We should not marginalize them in economic development initiatives,” she said.

Officials of the organisation noted that they have turned to income-generating activities by pooling resources to be self-sufficient instead of always depending on well-wishers to come to their aid.

“The group is growing and we are encouraging anybody living with disability to get away from the streets to venture into economic empowerment initiatives,” said the group’s chairman Opis Ojiambo.

They called on their members to be more vigilant since they are the most vulnerable in the contraction of the corona disease for they come in contact with surfaces hence the need for extra hygiene.

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