Trans Nzoia: Upsurge of coronavirus cases worries residents

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020 19:27 |

There are over 7,500 coronavirus cases in Madagascar - nearly 80% of them were diagnosed in the past month.

An  upsurge of coronavirus cases in Trans Nzoia county with 222  new cases and  10 deaths sending fears among the residents, weeks after President Uhuru Kenyatta re-opened the country.

A source at the county referral hospital told the People Daily  that most of the deaths reported are of elderly people with various underlying conditions which could have been avoided had the county government established ICU units to cater for  staff. 

Trans Nzoia county executive of Health (CEC) Clare Wanyama said 15 staff have been infected with the disease and are currently placed on home-based care.

" The county government has made a commitment to give necessary support to staff working in the frontline to combat the diseases," she said. 

She confirmed that three of the senior cadre staff from the Governor’s office had  been infected by the disease forcing various colleagues in the office to go on quarantine.

The county emergency response committee on coronavirus has blamed the residents for failure to adhere to the government directives and called for stringent measures to curb the spread. 

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