Trans Nzoia twilight girls want ‘adult consensual sex’ decriminalised

Friday, April 24th, 2020 00:00 |
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David Musundi

Commercial sex workers in Trans Nzoia County now want immediate decriminalisation of adult voluntary and consensual sex.

The sex workers said criminalisation of the said act was a violation of their rights as they were unable to fend for their families.

They said sex workers were currently the most hurt as families had retreated to their homes due to the embargo on most businesses because of the coronavirus pandemic.

 Majority of the  sex workers, drawn from different market centres in the expansive county, said they fully support decriminalisation of consensual adult sex work and asked members of Kenya’s Bicameral Parliament to pass a bill in their support.

Beatrice Akinyi (not her real name), who chairs the County Commercial Sex Workers Forum in Trans Nzoia, says criminalising adult, voluntary, and consensual sex – including the commercial exchange of sexual services  is incompatible with the human right to personal autonomy and privacy.

 “The  government should not be seen as  barring consenting adults  on who they can have sexual relations with and on what terms.

We are  asking our Members of Parliament some of who are our customers to pass legislation in parliament to decriminalise our trade,” Akinyi said.

She said criminalisation of their trade has  exposed her members to abuse and exploitation by law enforcement officials, such as police officers.

Akinyi  added that  in criminalised environments, police officers have been  harassing  sex workers, extorting  bribes, and physically and verbally abusing them, or even raping or coercing sex from them.

Restoration of Human Rights and democracy Trans Nzoia Executive Director Kefa Were said criminalisation makes sex workers more vulnerable. 

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