Trans Nzoia: Residents hail Uhuru ban on gatherings, curfew extension

Friday, March 12th, 2021 18:22 |

A section of Trans Nzoia residents has hailed President Uhuru Kenyatta for taking a bold step to ban political gatherings and extend the curfew to battle the COVID-19 pandemic after surge in the number of new infections. .

Some said the move by the President to put stringent measures among them extending the curfew for another 60 days is the way forward to contain the scourge that threatens to ravage the country.

A Kitale based lawyer Walter Wanyonyi  lauded the ban especially on political meetings which he said were the major cause for triggering the third wave of the infections that have taken toll on the country.

“Politicians in this country bear the greatest responsibility for a rise in new cases owing to their carelessness when criss crossing the counties either for or against the Building Bridges Initiative. I personally hail the President for taking this bold step," he said.

He, however, warned against holding Kenyans at ransom for more than a year now and told the government to do more research on the safety of the coronavirus vaccines so that Kenyans become safe from the threat caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

He added that the President's assurance that the vaccine was safe clearly demonstrated that the country was committed to the safety of its people who were at liberty to either accept the jab or not.

Another resident Ezekiel Ombaso said there was nothing for Kenyans to celebrate about the extension of the curfew since nothing had changed.

He faulted the Ministry of Health for not speaking the truth especially on easing of the curfew.

A resident Peter Matum said security agencies should not use the directives given by the President to harass innocent Kenyans .

He said lack of commitment by the government to supply Kenyans with personal protective equipments (PPEs) has led to many Kenyans drop their guard and gone back to near normal ways

Another resident Jane Aoko said the President’s move of extending  the curfew may not  be of much help to contain the third wave of infections.

She asked the authorities to do mass testing in all counties and put all those who will be affected under home based care as a way of putting more restrictions. 

 She however lauded the announcement of the Head of State where he put in place a raft of measures on burials and church services which she said will minimize the effects of the corona virus pandemic.

Trans Nzoia County Executive for Health Clare Wanyama said the county government is ready to enforce the Presidential directive and asked all residents to adhere to the protocols.

She revealed that 200 inmates in all the county’s correctional facilities had tested positive.

 The CEC stressed that from all indications the virus was going to be around for a while and urged that residents  take personal responsibility in helping curb the spread and by that ease pressures on the system and on resources.

Already Trans Nzoia County Teaching and Referral Hospital has a 300 isolation bed capacity.

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